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How do I decide my home's Points value?
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You have the final decision on what your home’s Points value should be, as you know your home better than anyone! 


Obviously this might not be the easiest decision to make, so we provide a recommended value based on similar homes in your town or region. Often members will use this as a starting point to then increase or decrease their Points value depending on factors such as seasonality, or how many requests they receive.  




You will also see some examples of other homes to give you a better idea of what our members are charging. If you are still struggling to decide on a Points value, we would suggest taking a look around the site to see what members in your area have as their Points value, or get in touch and we can advise you. 


Your Points value is completely up to you and it’s always flexible. You can edit it at any time, and you can also change your Points value for any specific requests that you have received. Find out more about changing your Points value here.  

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