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How do I change my home's nightly Points rate?
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Changing your Points rate for your listing 


To adjust your home’s nightly Points rate, visit the My Homes page and click the Edit details button for the home you wish to change.  



Go to the Points tab on the left-hand side and here you will be able to alter your Points rate by clicking on the plus and minus buttons. You can set your Points rate from 40 to 450 Points per night



Make sure to click Update details at the bottom of the page to save your changes.  


Changing your Points rate for a specific discussion  


If you wish to charge a member a different number of Points than usual, you can change your rate for that particular discussion. 


Simply head to that specific member in your inbox and make sure that the trip is set as a Points trip first. You can do this by going to the Edit swap button, choosing the Points option in the Trip type section and clicking Update and Send.  



Once the trip type has been set to Points, click the Edit swap button again and there will be a third option called Points Value.  



Here you will be able to increase or decrease the Points rate for this member’s trip. Remember to click Update and send and the page will refresh with the new number of total Points displayed on the left-hand side. 


Please note: Only hosts of Points trips can amend their Points value. 



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