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What information can I add to my profile?
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Your profile is a really important part of what ultimately contributes to a great home listing. Ideally, it should include essential and detailed information about you as a potential host, giving potential swap partners a clear idea of who you are, and whether you’d be the type of person that they’d like to host in their home. Ready to enhance your swapping game? Then log in to the site, click on ‘My Profile’, and complete three key sections:


Type of traveller 


This section allows you to identify who you are most likely to be travelling with. Whether you’ll be travelling as a family, with your partner, solo or as a group, click on the option that is most appropriate for your immediate needs. Don’t forget that this can be amended whenever you like if you are if you are planning alternative travelling partners!  



Dream destination


Choose up to 5 locations! These destinations will appear on your listing to indicate to other members where you are looking to travel to, and they are a great way for members to identify people who might be open to swapping with them. If you genuinely don’t have any preferences, that’s absolutely fine – just select ‘Open to travelling anywhere’. This will appear as ‘Anywhere’ in your profile. But if you would like other members from your preferred cities, regions or countries to get in touch with you, then make sure you pop them in your list. For more information about the importance of creating this virtual bucket list, then take a look at this handy guide.  



Profile picture and 3 things about you  

Add a picture and 3 things about yourself to complete your profile. This could include things such as: 


  • Whether you have any children – feel free to add in their names and ages.

  • What you do for a living. 

  • Your passions and interests.  

  • The types of vacations that you like. 

  • Or absolutely anything else that you feel other home swappers might like to know! 



Remember to click ‘Update details’ to save your information. Other members will now have a better idea of who you are – increasing your chances of securing some really amazing home swapping adventures!  

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