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Which membership plan is best for me?
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There are three membership plans available to you – Lite, Standard and Platinum. The membership you pick will determine which benefits you have access to. The plans can be simply broken down:  


Lite membership

This is the most affordable tier of membership. Lite memberships are a great option for those with only one property, as you are able to list only one home. You have access to all homes on the site and can book as many Classic Swaps and Points Swaps as you like during your membership. You will also be awarded 200 Points as a Welcome Bonus for joining the site.  


Standard membership


Standard memberships offer all the benefits of a Lite membership, with a few extras. Standard members are able to list more than one home and you will also receive four free airport lounge passes every year, and you will be awarded 500 Points as a Welcome Bonus for joining the site.  


Platinum membership


Platinum memberships are our most exclusive package. As well as having all the benefits of a Standard member, you will have a featured home boost for any properties that you list on the platform. You will also have access to Holiday Planning Assistance from our travel team – to help secure that perfect swap. Platinum members also receive 1000 Points as a Welcome Bonus when they first join the platform.  

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