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Who can see my home listing?
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Your listing can be viewed by all Love Home Swap members if it is active. This indicates that the property is visible on the search results, and members can view your profile and send you swap requests.


To check whether your home is active, go to ‘My homes’. Above the main image of your home, there will be small box marked ‘Active’.



If you would like to remove your home listing from the search results, all you need to do is click the ‘Active’ box. This will remove the tick from the box, and your home will no longer appear in the search results.



If you have made the listing inactive, you will not receive new swap requests from members who are searching for homes in your area. You can, of course, make your home active again whenever you are ready.


It’s also worth noting that while non-members will be able to see your listing, they won’t be able to contact you until they have signed-up to Love Home Swap. This is to protect the great sense of camaraderie and trust that exists between our friendly community.  


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