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What kind of photos should I add to my listing?
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Photo Guide


Your photos are a great way to showcase your home to other members! Although we set no limit on how many photos you can use of your property, we recommend uploading 16-20 pictures. This should ideally include (but is not limited to): 


- The exterior of your home 

- Any outdoor spaces such as your garden or balcony 

- Your living room/lounge 

- Your kitchen 

- At least one bedroom 

- At least one bathroom 

- The surrounding neighbourhood 

- Views from your home 



Exterior shots of your home make a great first impression when others are viewing your listing! 



Outdoor Space 

Another key aspect to highlight is any outdoor space that you have.  



Living Room/Lounge 

Let members imagine what it would be like to stay in your home.  




Show off your cooking facilities 




A view of the bedrooms is particularly useful when planning sleeping arrangements.  





Show off your bathroom and shower facilities.  



The Neighborhood  

Use images of your neighbourhood to give members an idea of what the area is like. This will sit alongside the Neighbourhood section which you fill out as part of your listing.




Whether you live in a rural location, in the city or by the sea, include some pictures of your favourite views! This is a great way to let other members see what your area has to offer.



Please keep these image criteria in mind when uploading your photos:

  • Use landscape pictures. Our image box is landscape only, so any portrait images will be cropped. 
  • 640 x 365 minimum. 
  • 128:73 aspect ratio. 
  • Files should be less than 4MB in size.  
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