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Someone hasn't replied to my message. What can I do?
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Whilst we encourage all members to respond in a timely manner, we do understand that life can get in the way sometimes.  


We’d suggest that you allow 4-5 days to hear back from a member you have contacted, but if it has been a while since you have last heard from them, please get in touch with our friendly Customer Service team. They will follow up with a polite email prompt to the member, hopefully getting your conversation back on track. 


And don’t forget that we reward those who respond quickly to their messages with a ‘Top Responder’ accolade – this is our money-can't-buy badge that tells you whether the person you’re messaging is likely to be a speedy responder! Of course, some members are yet to achieve this – but be patient with them, as there are so many reasons why someone might have a small delay on coming back to you.

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