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What are the different ways to home swap?
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A home swap is as simple as it sounds. You exchange your home with another lovely person or family for a vacation. Love Home Swap offers two easy ways for our members to enjoy home swapping: 


Classic Swap  

You go to their place. They come to yours. Simple. To organise a Classic Swap, simply search for a  home you’d like to stay in, send the member a message, and wait to see if the owner would like to stay in yours.  

Classic swaps can happen at the same time or at different times. For example, you could have your guest stay in your villa in the summertime, and you could swap for their ski chalet in the winter.  

Classic Swaps are great for: 

  • Main homeowners  

  • Home swappers who are flexible on dates for travel 

  • Traditional home swappers  


Find out more about Classic Swaps 



Points Swap 

Points are our swap currency. Unlike a classic swap, Points allow you to travel without having to match your plans with another member. Members earn Points for hosting others and then can spend their Points later on future home swaps.  An example of a Points Swap could be you want a swap to Paris, but the owner of your dream home has just visited your city, they can host you for Points instead.  With the Points you give them, they can book their trip to Bali.



Points Swaps are great for: 

  • Second homeowners and vacation homeowners 

  • If you have a specific trip in mind 

  • Last-minute home swappers  


Find out more about Points Swaps  


Please note: If you choose a Points swap there will be a transaction fee starting from £49, calculated according to how many nights you stay. 


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