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Swapping during coronavirus: What to consider as a guest
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If you are thinking of travelling soon, there are a few more considerations to review compared to your usual pre-travel to-do-list. But with a little bit of planning, and our useful guides below, you’ll be packing that suitcase before you know it:  



What to consider as a home swap guest


Confirm travel details 

Before you do anything, confirm that you can visit your host’s home given national and regional travel restrictions. Requirements change frequently and quickly, so check the relevant guidelines every 3-4 days leading up to your home swap.  



Confirm quarantine requirements  

Many countries’ borders are open; however, some still require you to self-isolate upon arrival. In cases like these, it is important to discuss with the host anything that you may need to pick up or pre-order ahead of your stay, so that you’re fully prepared.  



Get your paperwork sorted  

Aside from your usual travel paperwork, you may need additional certificates and paperwork in order to enter the area you’re visiting.   

This may include:  

  • Proof of a negative Covid-19 test prior to arriving   

  • Some form of visa  

  • Additional forms specific to Covid-19 on arrival and return  

  • Proof of booked accommodation   

  • Travel insurance that includes Covid-19 cover  


For Covid-19 tests, make sure you check how old these can be, as some places will accept tests taken up to 72 hours earlier, while others only accept tests that are no older than 48 hours. 


Similar to the rules surrounding international travel, the rules around visas can change at short notice too. Make sure you regularly check your local government’s website for your destination to find out the specific visa requirements.  



Confirm your swap details 

Due to newly introduced track-and-trace systems, many countries require an address for where you will be staying during your visit. Be sure to confirm this with your host ahead of your trip, and make sure you have their contact details in case you need to provide a reference.   



Read up on local social distancing requirements

As each country and region is different, you will need to know the social distancing requirements for both your travel destination, and the mode of transport that you will be travelling by (including bus, taxi, car rentals, train or plane).   

If the area you are travelling to has relaxed requirements around PPE and social distancing, follow the philosophy of ‘better safe than sorry’ - so make sure you have antibacterial hand gel and some form of face covering with you at all times.   


Know the key Covid-19 phrases  

No one wants to be caught out without a mask, or unable to book a table. So to help you navigate these unusual times, we have created an easily downloadable audio guide to all the key Covid-19 phrases you will need whilst abroad.   



Double-check what you need to pack  

Although in the past your host may have happily provided towels and linens, with the new additional cleaning requirements, some may ask you to provide your own supplies. A simple email or text will confirm this ahead of setting off on your travels.  



Confirm house rules

Again, something as trivial as picking up a book from your host’s bookshelf may seem silly to ask permission to do, but it’s important to understand what is now ‘off limits’ in their home. Key questions to ask are whether you can use the ingredients in their food cupboard, whether your kids can use their children’s toys, and whether there are any areas of their home that they don’t want you to use.  Take a look at our guide to house rules for more inspiration.  



Pack extra cleaning supplies  

While your host will of course take the time to clean their home for your visit, you can also take some precautionary measures by packing some cleaning supplies to make your stay as comfortable as possible. This includes disposable, compact antibacterial surface wipes for frequently touched surfaces, as well as some detergent for washing your masks and towels regularly.   




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