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Swapping during coronavirus: What to consider as a host
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If you are thinking of travelling soon, there are a few more considerations to review compared to your usual pre-travel to-do-list. But with a little bit of planning, and our useful guides below, you’ll be packing that suitcase before you know it:  



What to consider as a home swap host


Check your local authority Covid-19 policies 

Restrictions regarding Covid-19 change quickly according to country, region, city and even suburbs, so it’s important to keep up-to-date with your local government’s policies before welcoming guests to your home.   


Check if they have any special requirements

Are your guests going to be working from your home? If so, it might be nice to clear some space for them to create a makeshift ‘home office’ as well as checking your WiFi. If your guests are arriving by plane or train and not their own private car, it may be worth sharing some local taxi details, or booking them an Uber to ensure they arrive at yours safely.  




Stock up on cleaning supplies  

You may be hiring a professional cleaner to take care of cleaning before and after your guests arrive, but it’s always good practice to stock up on cleaning supplies for their stay. This way, your guests can ensure your home stays clean and sanitised throughout their stay.  For guidance on cleaning your home for guests, download our cleaning guidelines



Provide local recommendations  

Local knowledge is so valuable! All those delicious takeaways and scenic walking trails you’ve discovered during lockdown? Share these nuggets of wisdom with your home swap guests. Not only are these great insider tips, it’s also a great way to bring custom to local businesses, and help your guests stay clear of busy tourist spots.    


More than ever, it’s important that your neighbours are aware of guests staying in your home, especially if your home is in a complex or apartment block with shared spaces.   


Confirm any cleaning costs  

Sometimes home swappers negotiate an additional cleaning fee with their guests. It’s always important to make your guests aware of any additional costs such as these, so that they can factor them into their overall travel costs.   



Stay safe and keep swapping! 

Most importantly, we want all of our members to keep up the spirit of home swapping. We have an amazing community of travel-lovers who are excited to welcome guests to their home, and share their local area with others.   

If you have any questions about home swapping, our fantastic Customer Services team are on hand to help. We’d love to hear from you.   



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