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How do I claim the benefits listed in my membership plan?
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Standard and Platinum members have access to additional benefits.


If you are a Standard or Platinum member and you wish to claim your airport lounge passes, please email us with the following details: 

  • The airport you are flying from 

  • Your departure time and date 

  • Your flight number 

  • The names of those you are travelling with (as they appear on the passport)  

  • The ages of any children you are travelling with.  


If you are a Platinum member and you wish to receive Holiday Planning Assistance from your dedicated Swap Team, please email or call us, and let us know: 

  • The location(s) you wish to travel to 

  • The date of your trip 

  • How many people you are travelling with, and if you are travelling with children 

  • If you would prefer a Classic Swap or a Points Swap. 

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