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Do we have to swap at the same time?
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No, you don’t have to swap at the same time. Love Home Swap has a range of different ways to exchange homes, so you can arrange for your swap to happen at a different time to your swap host.  


Classic Swaps 

With a Classic Swap, you can enjoy an ‘indirect’ swap (also commonly called a ‘non-simultaneous’ home swap).  


An example of an indirect home swap could be: 

You enjoy a stay in your swap host’s ski chalet in February and they enjoy a stay in your Italian villa in June.  


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Points Swaps 

Another way to home swap indirectly is through a Points Swap. Points are our unique virtual swap ‘currency’, and they allow greater flexibility in how you swap your home.  


An example of a Points Swap could be: 

You enjoy a stay at your swap host’s ski chalet, however they aren’t interested in swapping for your Italian villa as either a direct swap or an indirect swap. Instead, you give your host Points for your stay in their chalet and they can use these Points to swap with a different property of their choice, at a time that suits them.  


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