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What do I say if I don't want to swap with someone?
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Sometimes you may receive swap requests that don’t fit exactly what you’re looking for. But remember, it’s important to respond to every swap request that you receive, even if you don’t want to take up the offer. Love Home Swap prioritises members with good response rates in search results, so even when it's a no, it’s vital that you respond.  


It’s easier than you think to turn down a home swap nicely. Here are the top things to consider: 


Honesty is key. If you’re not interested, then it’s best to be honest and let them know.  

Say why, but keep it brief. It's good to have feedback on why it was a no, but there's no need to go into too much detail. Any constructive feedback you can give will help others improve their listings. This might be things like a lack of clear photos, not enough property information and so on.  

Be sensitive. Maybe someone has approached you with a home that is too small for your family. Rather than offending them, try to be sensitive. Instead of saying ‘it’s too small’, rephrase this as ‘unfortunately, your home might not be able to accommodate my large family.’ It’s the same sentiment, but less likely to hurt someone’s feelings.  

Leave it on a positive note. Love Home Swap is a really friendly community, so end your message on a positive note. For example, ‘best wishes’, ‘good luck with your search’, ‘please do keep in touch’. 


Don’t burn any bridges. Just because a swap doesn’t suit your needs right now, it may do in the future. If you think you may be able to swap another time, then let them know. What do I say if I don't want to swap with someone?  

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