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How do I update my calendar?
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Your calendar is an important tool for letting other swappers know when your place is available to swap. In this guide, we will explain how to update your calendar for both Classic and Points Swaps.  


How to update your calendar 


Head to ‘Your account' and select ‘My homes' from the drop-down options. From here, you can select the home you'd like to update the availability for.  



Remember - your home must be set to ‘Active’ on-site in order to update your calendar. 


Here, you can 'Set availability' (which covers your availability for both Classic Swaps and Points Swaps).



Updating your availability


  1. Select the ‘Set availability’ option on your property listing.   
  2. Click on the date range you'd like to add availability to. This will bring up a window that summarises the dates you've selected as well as the option to mark the date as either 'available' or 'unavailable'.
  3. Select either 'Available' or 'Unavailable' for your chosen dates. If you've selected available, your date range will highlight green. If unavailable, your date range will highlight red. Any Swaps you have agreed already will be highlighted in blueberry


Setting your home as available on Love Home Swap will make the dates appear green in your calendar


Marking your home as unavailable will make the dates appear red in your availability calendar


Marking your home as unavailable (such as if you’re busy renovating your place, you have another holiday booked or you already have guests visiting on those dates.)  This is important to let other home swappers know not to send swap requests during these dates, and it'll also make sure your home doesn't appear in search results during this time period. 


How do I delete an availability slot?

If you'd made a mistake or you would like to remove availability, simply click on the date range and select 'remove dates'


You can remove dates in your availability calendar by simply clicking on the date range and selecting 'remove dates'


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