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What are response rates?
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Response rates are a metric that lets others know the responsiveness of a member.  


How are response rates calculated?  

Member Response Rates will differ according to two factors. Firstly, the rate of messages that a member replies to. And secondly, the speed at which they reply. Our best responders are labelled ‘Top Responders', followed by: 

  • Excellent Responder 
  • Great Responder 
  • Good Responder 
  • OK Responder 
  • Slower Responder  




How can I improve my response rate? 

You can improve your Response Rate by replying to all messages in a timely manner, even if you’re simply saying ‘thanks, but not this time round’. For the best rate, you need to reply to your messages within 3 days or less. If you’re slower at replying to your messages, then your score will drop. This rule applies whether you reply to one swap request or 100 – it's really important to respond to every single swap enquiry as quickly as possible, so that other members can get on with the important business of planning their travel adventures!   


We recalculate your score every 60 days, so you can easily improve your rate and become a ‘Top Responder’ if you’re proactive in quickly responding to every swap request.  


I haven’t sent or received any swap requests yet – what is my response rate?  

Don’t worry, if you haven’t yet sent or received any requests, your Response Rate won’t display on your profile. Once you have sent and replied to your first swap request, your Response Rate will be visible to other members.    


How can I see the response rate of a member?  

You can see whether a member is a good responder on their profile summary, which sits within their property listing. Don’t be put off if they’ve got a lower Response Rate – it might just mean that you need to build in a little extra waiting time while you wait to see if they can host you. And don’t forget that if they don’t respond to your message, then our Customer Service team will happily give them a nudge on your behalf!  



Got more questions? Then get in touch with our friendly Customer Services team. They’re always happy to help!    


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