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What should I discuss with my host before I home swap?
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There’s a number of topics that you should discuss pre-swap. To help you cover the finer details, here’s a list of important things that you should consider talking about before travelling: 


  • Their swap experience: Have they swapped before? How did it go? 
  • Who they are travelling with: This applies to Classic Swaps as they’ll be staying in your home. 
  • Mention any deal-breakers: There may be certain requirements that you need for your swap. For example, will you need a pet-friendly home? Is accessibility a requirement? Will you need a car during your home swap? Are you travelling with children, and will you need cots, highchairs, safety gates etc?   
  • Agree on cleaning requirements: This will vary according to each host. It's always good to agree whether a professional clean is required, and what you should do with towels and linens at the end of your stay.  
  • Find out what’s included: Will you be swapping cars as well? Is the food in the cupboard free to enjoy, or is it off-limits? This also helps you plan what to pack and anything you need to buy in advance of arriving.  
  • Discuss key pick-up: This is one of the most important parts of a home swap agreement. You can read our guide to exchanging keys for your swap. Establish whether your host will leave them with a neighbour, in a safe box or if you need to meet face-to-face.  
  • Share your contact details: This is important for times when you might need help. It may also be a good idea to take the number of a local friend or neighbour if you are doing a Classic Swap and your hosts are away. You will be able to share email addresses and phone numbers once your swap is confirmed.  
  • Establish house rules: Your host will likely share a set of house rules with you ahead of time, or they will be waiting for you on your arrival. However, it's always worth asking in case there is anything that is important to your stay. Are you bringing your pet on your swap? Are there any curfews or expectations of you during your stay? 
  • Discuss whether you will meet in person: Even if it's in the airport or en route to the home, some of our members choose to meet before they swap. This can be a great way to build trust, get to know each other, find out more about the neighbourhood and share what to get up to on the trip. 


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