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I can’t see my own home on search. Why is that?
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When you first sign up to the free trial, or add a new property listing, it can take a few hours for your home to appear on the search results. This is to allow members time to make sure they have completed their listing and are happy with how it appears.  


Please note: You must be on a free trial or an active membership with us for your home to appear on search.  


If your home does not appear in searches for your location we would recommend that you add more location information. To do this, go to the My Homes page and click ‘Edit details’ for the home you wish to amend. Make sure that your home is set to ‘Active’ as well.



Once here, select ‘Location’ in the menu options on the following page.  


There, beneath the search bar, you will see a link marked 'Enter address manually'. Click this link and input your home's address (this will not be seen by other members) and click ‘Look up’. Make sure your home pin is as accurate as possible and then click ‘Update details’


Please note: If you enter your exact address in this search bar it will not appear on your profile for other members to see. The only way a member will know your exact address is if you share it with them.  



This should make your location display correctly and your home appear in search results for your area on the Search Homes page.  

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