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What is a Love Home Swap staff profile?
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 These profiles are held by current members of the Love Home Swap team, and they are a way for our colleagues to use the website, and get in touch with members to request the chance to stay in their properties. 



Why have Love Home Swap decided to let their staff request home swaps? 

This decision was made because we wanted our team to enjoy some of the benefits that their work helps to produce. Not everyone at Love Home Swap has a home that they are able to swap, so in these cases, our staff can make limited use of our Points system without needing to have a property on the site. 


Before we decided to go ahead with this initiative, we conducted interviews with a number of our members to gauge their feelings on this idea, and we were encouraged by their positive reaction (which sums up what we already knew – that our members are a fantastic community of people who are keen to share their love of travelling!) 


Crucially, in encouraging our staff members to experience the practicalities of contacting other members and arranging a swap, our team develop the mindset of our fantastic community – which is a great way to help us understand what our members really want from their home swapping adventures!  



How will I know if I’ve received a swap request from a staff member?  

If you receive a Points Swap request from a staff member (which will be through the website’s messaging service), you will see a detailed profile which includes plenty of information about them, their contribution to the Love Home Swap team, their travel habits and their favourite holiday experiences around the world. You'll also be able to tell they're a Love Home Swap staff member by the custom profile picture with their role in the company, as shown below. 


Screenshot of an example of a Love Home Swap Member profile
An example of a Love Home Swap staff member profile


As with any swap request made through our site, it goes without saying that our members are under no obligation to accept their request. To be clear, our friendly staff members are not getting any advantage over the rest of our community when it comes to planning and agreeing a trip.  


We’re a small team at Love Home Swap, so it’s entirely possible that you will never come across a staff profile while you are a member. But if you do, you can be assured that our team are held to the highest possible standards. The chance to have a staff profile is only available to current employees of Love Home Swap, and any requests they make to stay in your property will be for themselves. If they will be travelling with anyone else (such as a family member), they will make this very clear in their request to you. 



One last thing… 

We’ve handpicked our staff to join our team, because they share our passion for travel and they are a likeminded group of people who we really like, so you can feel confident that they will take the utmost care of your property. And of course, you can review them as guests in the same way as any other member – so please make sure you do! 


As ever, if you’ve got any further questions about allowing one of our staff members to stay in your home, then please do get in touch with our friendly Customer Service team. They’ll be delighted to answer your questions. 


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