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Does Love Home Swap have a referral system?
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Yes, we do! If you think someone you know would love home swapping as much as you do, you can refer them and earn yourself a lovely flight voucher for each one that joins us. And because we’re nice, we’ll give your friends 25% off their membership! 


Not sure when you'll be travelling next? Don't worry, the flight vouchers are valid for two years - so plenty of time to enjoy them!


How to use our referral scheme 


To refer a friend to Love Home Swap, you can click here or you can head to the My Account section of your profile. 


From here, you can click the large refer a friend banner. Alternatively, there's also an icon of an envelope with a love heart in the top right-hand corner of the page that leads you to the refer a friend page. 



You can choose from a bunch of different options on how you'd like to refer your friend. You can choose to email them, ask for them to refer using your name, share on Facebook or share in Facebook messenger. You can also simply copy and paste as a custom link to share how you like. 



From here, your friend can follow the instructions in the email to create their Love Home Swap account, and if they successfully become a paying member, they'll enjoy 25% off their first year with us and you'll enjoy a £50 (or local currency equivalent) flight voucher! 


Still have questions on referring a friend? Get in touch with our friendly Customer Care team. 

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