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What are Points?
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Points are our virtual swap currency and allow greater flexibility in how you swap your home. 


A Classic Swap takes place when two members stay in each other's homes: you go to them, they come to you (either at the same time, or on different dates).  But by using Points instead, you can travel without having to match your plans with other members.  


You can earn Points by hosting members in your home. These Points can then be spent by staying at other members’ homes around the world.  


For example, if you’d like to swap to London but the other member doesn’t want to stay in your home, or they will be away on holiday during your preferred dates, they could still host you for Points. They get some Points for their next trip and you get to stay in their home! 


Please note: a small fee may be charged for booking Points Swaps, based on the number of nights you choose to stay. 


You can read more about the different options for swapping on the How It Works page or get in touch with our friendly Customer Service team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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