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Why do I pay for a Points Swap?
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In 2018 we launched a new subscription model for the website. We changed the structure of our previous membership plans by greatly reducing the annual membership cost for new members, with Points becoming a pay-as-you-go benefit. We introduced this change as we wanted to increase the total number of members and homes on our platform – thereby providing even more home swapping options for our community. 


Members who signed up after 2018 can agree as many swaps as they like, and these are included in their annual membership fee. You can host guests in your home for a Points Swap without paying any additional costs. It is only when you book a Points Trip (in which you will be spending the Points that you have accrued) that you will be asked to pay the Points Service Fee.  


Any longer-standing members who have been with us prior to 2018 do not incur a Points Service Fee, but they do pay a larger annual membership fee. If you are one of these members and you would like to change your membership to the new model, then get in touch with our friendly Membership Team when you are next due to renew your plan, and they will be happy to switch you over.   

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