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How do I upload my photos?
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How to add photos


It’s a great idea to include some nice photos of your home in your listing. To do this, simply go to My Homes, then click 'Edit details'. This will open a page with a menu on the left-hand side. Click 'Photos' from the menu. 



From here, simply click the 'Add photos' button and select the photos you'd like to include in your listing. Add a good selection of pictures, then when you have included everything that showcases your home to best effect, press 'Update details' to save your changes. 



Top tip: Consider including pictures of key areas in your home such as the bedrooms, living spaces and kitchen, and don’t forget to add in a couple of extras like your garden, or any impressive views! 

Once you've uploaded your images, you can rotate them by clicking the rotate icon in the bottom right-hand corner. This will then spin and once you hit the 'update details' button in the bottom right-hand corner your image will now display rotated. 



You can also change the order that your images are displayed by dragging the image thumbnails with your cursor into your preferred order. We recommend grouping your photos by room to give context to each photo. We also recommend making your 'Main photo' a photo of your home from the outside (if possible) or a wide shot of your main living space. Try to avoid using a zoomed-in detail shot or a bedroom or bathroom as your main image. 


Whenever making changes always remember to click 'Update details' button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. 



Keep these image criteria in mind:

  • Use landscape pictures. Our image box is landscape only, so any portrait images will be cropped. 
  • 640 x 365 minimum. 
  • 128:73 aspect ratio. 
  • Files should be less than 4MB in size. 
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