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folder-icon ¡Actualización importante! folder-icon Are there any additional fees to use HomeExchange? folder-icon Can I arrange a swap through Love Home Swap that will happen after the two sites have merged? folder-icon Can I continue to agree swaps on the Love Home Swap site? If I’m discussing a swap with someone, but we haven’t yet agreed it, can we still continue with our plans? folder-icon Can I get a refund for the remainder of my membership? folder-icon Can I still arrange Points Swaps once my account is with HomeExchange? folder-icon How can I access my four free lounge passes? folder-icon How will you calculate the value of the Points I have earned through Love Home Swap, so that they become HomeExchange’s GuestPoints? folder-icon If my Points Swap is cancelled, will my Points be refunded? folder-icon I have a trip booked, but what happens if my swap partner ends their membership before our swap? folder-icon Mise à jour importante ! folder-icon My membership is due for renewal, why can’t I do this directly with HomeExchange? folder-icon What happens to the Points I have on my Love Home Swap account? folder-icon What if I already have a membership with HomeExchange? folder-icon What if my swap can't go ahead? folder-icon What is HomeExchange Collection? folder-icon When my membership is due for renewal, what price will I pay? folder-icon When will my current membership end, or be due for renewal? folder-icon Will any trips booked via the Love Home Swap platform (until it ceases to exist) have fees attached? folder-icon Will I still be able to borrow Points through Love Home Swap? folder-icon Will my folders move over to my new HomeExchange account? folder-icon Will my home profile and personal information automatically transfer to HomeExchange during the merge? folder-icon Will my login details and password be the same on HomeExchange? folder-icon Will my membership be renewed on Love Home Swap or HomeExchange? folder-icon Will the swap I booked through Love Home Swap be covered by HomeExchange’s member guarantees?
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